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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Lovely Dinner

Happy New year, loyal readers! Tom has been busy eating, comparing, and getting really backed up on restaurant reviews since last October. But fear not, all new reviews and recommendations will be coming your way in the one-zero! Here is something to tide you over.

So, Peter Jackson has directed a new not another in the Lord of the Rings, um, trilogy....wait, how many films were there?!? I swear I sat through 12 hours of movie and the only thing I remember is Golum. Oh, yeah, the new movie is called 'The Lovely Bones', and from the looks of the previews, it looks to be a cross between the Robin Williams flick What Dreams May Come, and the Nicole Kidman thiller, The Others. Its about a girl who is murdered and the families mourning process. But wait! The girl is actually in limbo and trying to help them catch the murderer! Sounds interesting, but you are probably wondering what this has to do with my little food blog.
Before I watch any edge-of-your-seat type of movie, which this will undoubtedly be, I like to eat something light, something that wont set heavy in my stomach and churn while I am gasping. If you will be in the AMC Mercado 20 area, try a Piadine from Tomatina! I like the Ceaser salad variety. If heading to the Milpitas Great Mall Century 20, head over to Sen Dai Sushi before hand for some rolls or a seafood bento box. If you will be in the Winchester/Santana Row area, you can do the old Krung Thai, but stay away from the heavy curry dishes and stick to the lighter pad thai noodles.

Dinner and movies have always gone together, especially for scary movie dates! But remember, allowing the proper time for food to be digested is important, and indegestion noises during a tense on-screen moment can be just wrong. So keep the pre-movie dinner light, but by no means be chincy on the meal.

-Tom W Tell