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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best Thai food not in Thailand - Krung Thai San Jose!

Falling more and more in love with Thai food over the past few years, I was lucky enough to be exposed to Krung Thai on Winchester Boulevard in San Jose early on. First time I went, I will never forget attempting to try something 'safe'....sweet and sour chicken. Wish I knew then what I know was the strangest tasting S&S I've ever had, not like the chinese variety at all! Once accustomed to the flavors of Thai food, one can really start testing out new dishes, and I have really gone deep into the menu, only to find it gets better and better.

I recently dined at
Krung Thai for a relatives birthday party, as this has become a popular destination for family get togethers (all can agree the food is bomb). Even though only 1/3 of the people showed up that night (5 instead of 15), the waiter insisted is was no problem to seperate the tables that were put together earlier when the reservations were made. We brought our own cake, again, no problem for them to store it in their refridgerator and bring it out later with paper plates and plastic serving utencils. I can't say enough about the servers here, they are friendly, to the point, and never hover over you. I've had similar Thai food dishes in Bangkok, Thailand, and I am truly sorry Bangkok, but it did not compare. Maybe Krung Thai isn't truly authentic, but it is by no means fusion. I am one of those gringos who likes the American-ized versions of other cultures dishes.

With 5 people, we got out of their for $78, tip included, with some to take home. The prices are great, the food is great, its close to authentic, its american, it is what locals know but don't want others to. Yeah, thats why I am raving about it on my blog....
-Tom W Tell

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