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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chaat Cafe - Just Do it!

My dining partners were just in the mood for Indian food this weekend, ya know!? It doesn't happen that often, but when it does, I am so glad I live in the south bay were the options for middle eastern food abound! We stopped by Chaat Cafe on Blossom Hill Road, among all the chain restaurants and tax prep offices, on a recommendation from a member of our party. It has an ordinary strip-mall type storefront, and decent, but not mind=blown interior decor. We grabbed a laminated menu, found a table, and picked a few items that sounded good.

All of us in our party (about 5 total) enjoy spicy food, so we got a sampling of a few different plates: tandoori chicken, and some other stuff, I forgot to note what we got, terrible for a foosiast, I know, maybe next time. All you need to know is that everything was great. I tried a little of each plate, and I can not say any of it was bad. I had 2 plate fulls myself with probably 3 whole Naan bread pieces for the delicious sauces.

The service was fine, the prices unbeatable, and food fantastic. Not everyone can take this kind of food, hardcore american food eaters should slowly work there way over from chinese to japanese, then to thai, then to Chaat Cafe! It is kind of far for me to eat there on a regular basis, but I think I would if closer. I will defintiely go back when the craving arises again!

-Tom W Tell

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