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Monday, October 19, 2009

Jasmine Thai, the one next to the liquor store!

Always up for finding and interesting alternatives for Thai food in San Jose, I am never one to judge a restaurant by its location. Take Jasmine Thai at 1710 Berryessa Rd, for example. Yes, it is in a cheesy neighborhood strip mall, they dont have a website, but the flavor and service you get in just so worth it. I have visited and commented about many-a-decent Thai place, and always comparing them to Krung Thai (the best in the world). Jasmine Thai comes in second for several reasons.

When I first visit a Thai resaturant, I tend to order items similar to those I normally get at Krung, to make an even comparison. Some may say that this rules out an establishments feature dish, but, with my analytical background, it is really the only way to really compare food. The food at Jasmine Thai is great, both in freshness and quality. It was a Sunday night, and it was not that busy. Perhaps 3 other couples (locals, no doubt) visited during our time there. From what I could see, there was a cook in the back, and one waitress, and she did a fantastic job attending to our every need.

The only reason it places second to Krung, was the atmosphere, and furnishings. Krung has a lot of cool Thai decor, and comfortable surroundings. Jasmine Thai was in a strip mall, and did have the appearance of a lunchtime favorite (take out booth, thin napkins, easy in/out layout).

The prices were great, and they even held a birthday cake for us (oh, yeah, we were there for a birthday!), and provided paper plates and plastic eating utensils. Overall, it was a great experience, and if even if you are not in the mood for Thai, do yourself a favor and visit JasmineThai!

-Tom W. Tell

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