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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Don't Skip the Pita Pit

Having our global headquaters located in downtown San Jose, and with so many options these days for lunch in the area, it is a joy to attempt to try each of them during my work breaks. It was Cinco de Mayo, and, like everyone else, I was in the mood for Mexican food. I didn't have a lot of time, so I just thought I would walk over to Baja Fresh on the Paseo de San Antonio and grab a quick steak Burrito Ultimo. Unfortunately, everyone else working downtown had the same idea. Fortunately, it made me decide to finally try out the Pita Pit on 2nd Street.

I had been told to try this place several times, and I know what pita bread is, but I was exactly sure what to expect. Upon entering, I was immediately struck by the uber-cool graphics of huge food characters all over the wall (see pic). The place is small, but, lucky for me, everyone else was out looking for Mexican flavors that day. There were only 2 people working the place, which was fine; a cashier and a food preparer. The menu is rather extensive, and was a little daunting given the plethora of combinations an choices available. I went for the wheat pita, and the cashier kindly pointed me to even more choices in the days specials. The buffalo chicken caught my eye, so I went for it. I then was handed over to the food prep area, where I was allowed to choose anything else I wanted on it.
It is like Togos or Subway where you tell the preparer what you want or don't want, any they make it to order. I like this, but it takes a little of blame off the preparer, because if you don't like it, well, it's your own fault!
Fortunately, as a professional foosiast, I am very in tune with my taste buds. I tried to match other buffalo chicken sandwiches I've enjoyed, with some veggies and ranch dressing and swiss cheese. What made it different, was simply the fact that it was wrapped in pita bread. It was a nice change, but I think this particular sandwich is better served on a bun.
The service was fine, the price great, and the choices plentiful. My total order with the drink/chips combo came out to around $7, which was way less than I expected. I do recommend visiting this establishment, I know I will, and with so many choices, never getting the same thing twice!
On a side, SJFR would like to thank Jatbar, for their great south bay foosiast website, and their help and encouragement. In the mood for food research while listening to your Ipod? Well, there's and app for that, and if you can stand it, their Hall of Shame provides lots of, um, extra-protein-related fun!
-Tom W Tell

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