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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen......Foosiast

Loyal readers (Libby) doing my rigorous research for my ever expanding food blog empire, I came across this interesting little statement. It is basically trying to explain the difference between a 'chowhound' and a 'foodie'. Although its a nice try to put a definition to these made-up phrases, they are still that...made-up phrases! True that new words and lingo are evolving as fast as technology will allow and are typically coined by those that invent them (googling, tweet, thumbdrive, etc), I could not find anywhere that identified where the term 'foodie' came from. I believe it is a short form of the phrase 'food blogger' or 'food enthusiast'. Foodie just rolls of the tongue doesn't it? It could just as easily have been 'foogger' or 'foosiast'. In fact, that is what I am going to call my self from now on....a foosiast. This could be mistaken for Foo-Fighters fan, but I am sure if it is used in the correct context the meaning will be clear. As for foogger, well, it just too close to that other word.

Now, I realize that is just trying to convince prospective contributors to join their site and be called a 'chowhound' (which is a clever name BTW), but disrespecting like me in the process is just not fool.....I mean cool. Sorry for the rant, now for a food review.....

My eating partner and fellow foosiast found ourselves at Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara this past Sunday afternoon, partly visiting a family member who had just gotten a job there, but mostly to get out of the ridiculous heat. Avoiding the mall food court whenever possible (Panda Express is always safe, though, hard to go wrong there), we ventured away from the mall, down Stevens Creek Blvd, where the eating options come fast and furious. We decided to play it safe and visit the quaint japanese restaurant Ariake, which is almost in the intersection with Lawrence Expressway. There is a sushi bar (not open for lunch), a single unisex bathroom, about 10 tables, and great cheap , no frills japanese food.

It was slow Sunday lunch day, so it was only us and 1 other couple I believe, and the service was fantastic. Not overly nosey, and just witty enough to be pleasant. The menu isn't spectacular, the food not delectible, but we are on a budget and were hungry. We got exactly what we wanted. We got out of there for less than $25 for two, including 2 orders of rolls for appetizer, and 2 lunch bentos.

I consider it a foosiast victory when you are seek out a meal that fits the situation, and Ariake did just that, and isn't that what great eating is all about?

-Tom W Tell

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