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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Global HQ

There comes a time in every foosiast's life when he or she must stand up for themselves, espcially when that he or she publishes a food blog in the south San Francisco bay area (San Jose). In promoting this little blog, I have have had a few requests to provide proof that I am really based in San Jose, not just a blogger out to get a market share.

I have decided to share the picture posted here are proof of the legitamacy of this site. Although the exact eaddress and contact information can not be listed here, I am sure any reader will find this picture as proof enough. Having a global headquarters in downtown San Jose (California, not Costa Rica) is really the only way one can truely administer a site about San Jose restaurants, as it is the heart of the Silicon Valley.

By the way, I have noticed lately that my top level corner office overlooking Cesar Chavez Park has become quite lonely since the economy has slowed down, yet our office lease rate has stayed the same. Anyone have suggestions on cheap office near some great restaurants? (Sorry Specialtys, but Pete's Coffee is the only reason I visit your place so often!)

-Tom W Tell

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