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Friday, July 3, 2009

Cherry Sushi Now Open......again

I was saddended one evening when I drove by one of my fav sushi restaurants to find it had closed! Cherry Sushi in Santa Clara had been a reliable alternative for great japanese food for quite a while for my dining partner and I. It was always a few bucks more than the 'economy' sushi places we frequently visit, but it was always fantastic. So, when they closed, it was a shock.

Every time I drove by this location since, I would slow down to see if they had re-opened. They were closed down for a good 2 months, when, to my pleasant suprise, they were open again! We were actually headed in the direction of Chocolate Sushi/Tofu House in Sunnyvale (which is their sister restaurant), when I flipped a U and pulled into to the parking lot to see what happened.

We were seated promptly, as usual, and was welcomed back by our very courteous waiter, who recognized us a previous patrons. We came to learn that the kitchen had experienced a fire, and they had to close to clean up. I saw no evidence of fire damage, other than the updated window treatments, new lighting fixures, and new wall paint. If one didn't know better, they could have easliy been closed to just do a remodel! The great oil painting of the bowl of cherries was not damaged and still adorns the entryway. I did not see the giant glass cherry sculpture that previously sat on the front counter.... would be a shame it if broke?
The food was just as fantastic as before. Everything is good, from the rolls, to the bentos, to the fish...its just all good. They even brought us some complimentary edamame this time. You can't go wrong here, but I recommend trying their spicy chicken, it's especially good (like buffalo chicken, only more tasty). Sure, they charge a few more bucks for their plates, but it is SOOO worth it.

Do yourself a favor and eat here, even if it means going out of your way!

-Tom W Tell

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