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Friday, April 3, 2009

Chocolate Sushi, as sweet as it gets!

I have been a long time patron of Chocolate Sushi in Sunnyvale, since even before they added the ultra-cheesy "Tofu House" to their name. I am not sure if the ownership changed, or if that was a marketing scheme, but the sushi I had come to know and love certainly has not changed. I visited last night with some fellow foodies, as we were in the mood (once again) for some really good japanese food. As usual, there was no wait to be seated, the wait staff was as courteuous as could be, and the food was ecsquisite. As with our last visit, around 2 weeks ago, the owner/manager (I think) came to our table to make sure we were enjoying our night. My wife gave her kind praising of the meal, and, unexpectedly the owner repsonded with a (somewhat stereotypical) japanese-accented "aaahhhh, thank you sooo much! It is always good to hear customers enjoying our food!" He gave a traditional bow to our table and moved along. Very nice touch to our experience.

A few things have changed that I should mention. When the Tofu House moniker was added, a decent selection of Korean dishes/soups were added to the menu. Although not a particular fan of Korean food (or soup dinners in general), I was suprised when we tried some on our previous visit, and found myself enjoying most of the meal. The bento box menu items have also been reduced, and I sometimes get a Katsu item, which can be ordered, just not as a part of the bento. Maybe it could be added if asked nicely, but I was fine with the other usual selections (teriyaki, tempura, a couple of sushi rolls, and agadashi). Other than that, not much else is different. The interior still has a kick-ass theme, big HDTV's for lucky guests facing the right way to enjoy (last night they had on ESPN, which was showing a college basketball slam dunk competition.....sweet!).

Okay, I always finish my review the the price. This place is, and has always been, on the upper end of japanese cuisine. Hence, you will pay more here. For 3 of us, with 2 plates of appetizers, and 3 bentos, the total was $60. Defintiely more than you would pay at
Sen-Dai or Sushi-O , but one must respect the effort and expense it takes to create such an enjoyed dining experience.
As a side note, if anyone reading this knows why the heck they called it "Chocolate Sushi" to beign with, please let me know. I always forget to ask when we go!!
-Tom W Tell

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