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Monday, March 2, 2009

Mels Drive-In, San Francisco - Near Sony Metreon

Okay, I know this isnt really a 'San Jose' food review, but I had to share my experience here. Whenever I am in San Francisco with a group, and its late, and we need to eat, Mels Drive-In always comes up first. If you don't know or haven't heard, it is modeled after the hang-out in American Graffiti. It is a fantastic place to get american soul-food, any time of day or night. Even though that usually means burgers, fries, and coke and/or shake, I usually get a turkey or chicken sandwich. I have cut french fries out of my diet completely due to their fat content, milkshakes due to the cholestrol in milk, and burgers I only have at Red Robin occaisionally. None of these factors affected my dining experience at all.

It was about 12:30am, and we had not had dinner yet, so about 5 of us ended up here over this past weekend. We came hungry, and left full and satisfied. There are several locations in SF, but my experience has been pretty much the same at all of them. Good food, cheap, and open all hours.

If you relate to things visually like I do, they have some great
website pics to help you find it.

-Tom W Tell

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