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Friday, March 6, 2009

Sushi-O is now Sushi-N-O

So many a delectable japanese meal have I had at Sushi-O-Sushi in on El Camino and Bowers in Santa Clara; so much so that I just realized last night that I had been taking it for granted. As a usual quick and moderately priced dinner meeting place for my wife and I and occaisonally a friend or family member, Sushi-O was a place that became our fall-back in case we couldn't decide where we wanted to go. It was always good, had good service, and didn't emtpy the wallet. What happened to the good old days(see pic)?

Those days are over, as, just last night, we may very well have had our last meal there. I don't if they changed owners, management, or just wait staff, but it has definitely fallen off. I should have known something was a-miss when we showed up around 7pm with only 1 other person waiting for a table. We were seated promptly, which is unusual. I had become accustomed to the 15-20 minute wait during dinner hour, as it was worth it for great eats.

Our waitress broke the first rule.....NEVER LEAVE ME THIRSTY. She brought the hot tea on time, but did not get us water until we asked for the 3rd time. Unacceptable. The place was not that busy, and she was not new, as she served everything else properly (Japanese food comes in a bunch of small, 'cute' food dishes instead a few big ones, and they get placed in front of you slowly and one-by-one). All of my party's glass went dry 3 times and we had to ask each time for a refill. I call it the first rule because it is the most important...who can enjoy a meal with a dry mouth? Our appetizer rolls were tasty, but came out with the rest of the meal, that is rule number 2.....SERVE THE APPETIZER BEFORE THE MAIN COURSE, AS IT IN AN APPETIZER. Now, I can't prove this was our servers fault, as the sushi chefs may have been backed up, slow, or asleep. But, she may have left them sitting for awhile.

The food itself was good, but somehow not as good as it usually is. I believe they rasied the prices too, as the bill with tip was $50; usually not more than $40 for 3 people. I am always sorry to see this happen, but it takes only 1 bad dining experience to ruin a reputation.

On a side note, I did get a recommendation for the place 2 doors down from Sushi-O, that serves some bomb fried chicken, called 99 Chicken. I think we are going there tonight, and will post my impression tommorrow.

-Tom W Tell

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