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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sushi through a hole in the wall - Sushi Mamoru!

I got a recommendation recently from an acquaintence for a japanese restaurant in Milpitas, one I had not heard of before. On the night I went looking for it, I couldn't quite remember the specifics (location or name). All I had to go from was that I knew it was in Milpitas around the Main St/Abel St area, and it was bomb. So off I went!! I could have sworn he said Main St, right next to a bar. Well, I found one, right next to a pool hall on Main St, called Sushi Mamoru. The name didn't ring any bells, but I was almost sure this was it. It was described as "kind-of a hole in the wall" from the outside. And here it was!

The windows are totally blacked out, with huge cheesy neon signs in the front, but once you are inside, the place is actually pretty swank. Typical black and red decor, and they have a few cook-in-front-of you tables too. A mandatory Karaoke station is also prominent. As we were the only ones there (kind of strange for a Thursday night dinner hour) we got immediate service. Only 1 other couple came in while were there, so we had the whole place was practically to ourselves.

The food was not bad, not great. We got a few rolls for apps, and they were not the best I have ever had, but not the worst either. The Cali rolls were alright but the crunchy rolls were way too crunchy for me. I got a bento with teriyaki steak, again, not the best I've ever had. Not enough sauce, and the steak was a little raw for my taste as well. We did get constant refills on water and hot tea, which it always a plus.

The bill came out to less then $30, so at least we didn't get scalped! You could try their website, but it wont be much help, as it is still under construction. This place really downgraded my acquaintence for food recommendations. I found out later that it was indeed the wrong place, that I should have been looking on Abel Street for a place called Sun Dai. After checking yelp, I can see that I was way off in my recollections. My acquiantenace may still have a chance to redeem himself.

Even though I have yet to try Sun Dai, it HAS to be better then Mamoru. I will add this to my list of restaurants to try.

-Tom W Tell

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