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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sandella's Flatbread......Flat-BAD!

I don't normally review lunch outings, but, as a serious food blogger, I must be open to these kinds of things. Also, I normally don't eat out for lunch, as I am a hardcore brown-bagger (ok, I use a cold/hot zip-up lunch bag), which has saved me loads of $$ during the years. On nice days, like we have been having lately, I just can't help getting outside. Downtown San Jose has a lot more food choices these days, and I have taken it upon myself to give them a chance.

This week, I wanted to play it safe and go for Baja Fresh on the Paseo de San Antonio, between 1st and 2nd St. On the way, I noticed an interesting looking place I hadn't heard of before,
Sandella's Flatbread Cafe . Not too many people inside, looked clean, what the heck? The counter person was very nice and answered all of the ordering questions with a smile...I went with the Turkey-Pesto roll with a bag of chips.

Okay, I guess I am a little spoiled on the Eric's Deli pesto sandwiches (see my previous post on the Milpitas location), because what this places calls pesto sauce is mayonaisse with some green food coloring added. It was horrible and ruined and otherwise fine turkey/salad roll. Many passers-by had the same idea I did, walking by several times before going inside. I am learning that the look of a place is as important for business as the quality of the food. I am not sure how long this place has been open, but it will not last with food like that. I realize that this is part of a chain, with a preset menu of food items to serve, but pride needs to be taken in your food. San Jose food adventurers are nothing to f#*k with when it comes to downtown!!!

Again, good service, clean, under $10, and absolutely awful food. I am so sorry, Baja Fresh, I will never pass you by again!

-Tom W Tell

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