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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dish Dash is Bad-Ass

My dining partner had visited this place in Sunnyvale (on Murphy Ave) for a office/lunch thing awhile ago and said is was cool. Longing for something good after what happened recently, we went for it. All I knew was that it was mediterranean, I did not how COOL it was!

Murphy Ave in Sunnyvale (for those that don't know) is the original intimate retail dining/shopping experience (before Mt View's Castro St or Santana Row), and its always buzzing on weekends. Many good places to eat, drink, and just hang out, especially during the summer months, when you can take advantage of the outdoor seating. Since summer is not quite in full swing for us here in the South Bay (still quite chilly at night) we decided to go for an inside table.

Dish-Dash is right right on the end of Murhpy Ave, so it can't be any closer to the abundant mall parking across Washington St. We put our name in (about a 30 min wait) and strolled around a bit, and nowhere else was as busy as Dish-Dash. That is usually a good sign, so I was okay with the half-hour wait. We came back just in time and was shown to our nice raised table near the bar area (see pic). The decor was spot-on; imagine tasteful mediterranean, and thats it. Cool dim accent lighting all over, great color pallete for the walls and ceiling, and one room had a neat hanging material in the ceiling to give it a tent-like feel (see other pic). Our waiter was EXTREMELY friendly and courteous, even when we completely butchered the names of the dishes!

I ordered the chicken dish, which had onions and spices baked inside a fried/breaded outer wrap. Oddly, it was swimming in a yogurt sauce, which was a little too pungent for my taste. I did my best to keep it out of the rest of the dish, but some made it in, and sadly overpowered the rest of the dish. Could have done without the yogurt sauce, thanks. They didn't have hot tea, but did put some mint leaves in hot water for us, which was a nice alternative. It was somewhat new to me, but I can say it was good for my first time.

The two of us got our of there for less than $50, including tip, which is reasonable considering the great service, interesting food, and fun atmosphere. I like places that attract many different types of people, from local to foreign, old and young, hi-tech and lo-tech. Makes me feel apart of something. Do yourself a favor, eat here!
-Tom W Tell

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