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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great American Food and Music Festival-UPDATE

UPDATE: It just didn't sound right to me (see first line of my pre-event blog below); how can they serve such a selection of food to so many people? Well, I hate to say it, but I should have gone with my instincts. If you have not already read the scathing comments left on the event listing on Yelp! or the comments left on this blog posting, the event was a disaster. If this event were about anything but comfort food, an all-out riot would have broken out. I personally waited in line for 4.5 hours before I realized that the New York original Buffalo Wings were not going to happen for me. If they ever hold this event again......DO NOT EVEN THINK OF GOING!

I am sooo sorry for promoting this event. The silver lining was Guy Fieri's food presentation and book signing, he and his production crew are genuinely entertaining bunch (I watched all their antics while standing in line)

The Great American Food and Music Festival will be taking place on June 13, the Shoreline Amphitheater?? I have been to many concerts there in Mt View, but a food festival? With the Food Networks Bobby Flay and Guy F hamming it up, it should be a foosiasts dream. I have never bought tickets to a food festival before, but the event promo's look "out-of-bounds."

I already got tickets for the cheap seats (acutally, they're general admission lawn seating) and can't wait to try some the food I have seen from around the country. I am glad it is not all about the Food Network and their cheesy TV show hosts, but more about promotion of the independently owned restaurants (at least it seems).

I will be blogging via mobile, so as to let my readers know how it is as it happens!

-Tom W Tell



  2. great idea, horrible execution

  3. This was one of the worst events I have ever attended. Simple put "lines from hell" starting with the parking lot to waiting hours for food. It was as if they planned for only a few people to show. I will add the food was excellent and the music outstanding. Marshall Crenshaw you rock!!!!

  4. poor event planning and what an expensive ticket to pay for such a horrible event.

  5. Which american fast food bar at Newark airport would you recommend?

  6. What does the rest of the world feel about American and Mexican food?


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