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Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Sitara Indian Buffet Santa Clara

I have wanting Indian food for a long time, so I convinced my usual dining partners to try a place nearby. We had a recommendation for New Sitara on the corner of Lawrence Expressway and Homestead in Santa Clara. We went for dinner, which was an unassuming buffet with a decent sampling of traditional Indian foods. The decor and mood music has some thought, but mostly I think they wanted to hide the theme of whatever restaurant was there before, perhaps a Dennys/Lyons/Carrows type of place, judging by the architecture. There was no wait at all, which I love, especialy on a Friday night.

We were seated immediately, brought water, and were checked up on regularly to make sure we were doing okay. The staff didn't pester us, didn't offer any real help, and we did have to ask for the Naan, which is supposed to come free to everyone. Typical service for a buffet, actually. We had better service from the other nice folks in the buffet line with us, who kindly explained what it was we were looking at when they noticed we weren't sure what everything was. The ice cream machine was out-of-order, the soda fountain was basic, and we did not recieve free Chai Tea, as I had been told we would.

It is conveniently located across the street from the new
Kaiser Hospital, just in case the heavy spices don't agree with your digestive tract. I think my stomach came close to having a disagreement with the food, but, luckily, my stomach won and I was okay. My wife's stomach apparently had a weaker agrument for the flavor, as things did not 'sit well' with her. No regurgitation action, but more of an 'expedited' digestion. For your first timers out there, I suggest taking it easy on the spicy stuff and load up more in the rice and Naan (soft bread). As a growing Curry lover, I enjoyed most of everything I sampled. Not sure what the names of everything was, but in the end, my plate was a mix of yellow, green, orange, and brown sauces, if that helps. I made a big rice bedding on my plate and poured a little of each over it, and it worked out great for me. I tried the 2 desert servings, but didn't care for them. By all means try them, just don't take too much.

For the 3 of us, the bill totaled $42 with tip. A little too much for what we got, I think, but at least we will know what to expect from future dining experiences. We will not be visiting this establishment again, as I believe there is better food/service/prices elsewhere in the south bay. This may be my first non-positive review. Feels kind of wierd, but I have to be honest if this blog is to be real. And you know I keeps it rrreeaallll......
-Tom W Tell

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