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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's a's a cafe....its Erik's Delicafe!

Okay, another one my my fav Milpitas food establishments, also known to many-a-Milpitian, is Erik's Delicafe in the recently re-developed Safeway Shopping Center in the heart of the City. There are many locations around the Bay Area, and I have only been to a few of them, but if the great, simple experience one gets from dining at this branch is any indication of the others, you'll be safe eating at any of them. I have been going to Erik's in Milpitas since I used to live there (for more on my take on Milpitas, check out my La Milpa blog entry), and the nice folks there have never failed to provide with a simple, easy lunch that didn't empty by wallet.

Since it IS a Deli, it naturally caters to the lunch crowd, and, since I don't work in the area, I only get to visit on weekends, but there is never 1 or 2 parties in line at a time. The dining area is spacious and I always get a great seat next to the old stove (see pic, non-functioning). Again, it may be a different story altogether during the work week, but weekends have to be the best. I usually get the half sandwich/half salad combo for like $6, and a drink for another $2 or something. The portions are rediculous for what you pay, I sometimes skip dinner I am so full! My personal recommendation is the Chicken Pesto sandwich, which has a warm chicken breast, that kick-ass green pesto sauce, sprouts, and a melted slice of cheese on a roll....awesome. I ususally just get a green salad with ranch and a lemonade to drink. It never fails to satisfy. Less than $20 for two people for lunch with no wait....I mean come on!

They do have a few other great items on the menu, but I would not recommend going there too often, as I could see where it would get a little old. I like to keep my visits to about once a month. Life is all about moderation, and Erik knows this, whoever he is.
-Tom W Tell

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