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Sunday, February 8, 2009

San Jose Food Blog Intro

This blog is being created to share with others my various experiences with dining out in the San Jose /San Francisco Bay Area of California. Why? Why does anyone start a blog? Hard to say exactly, but here are a few reasons that come to mind:

  • I enjoy eating out, and do it A LOT

  • I enjoy visiting new places and tasting new kinds of food

  • I love to judge people and places anonymously

What better way to share with others our experiences that through the web? The best dining recommendations come by word of mouth. They can be extremely subjective, as everyone has their own distinctive tastes, likes, and dislikes. That being said, I can not guarantee that your experience (or anyone elses) will be similar to mine. I can promise that the opinions expressed here will be honest, unbiased, and unadulterated. There are several other good resources to get dining information on the web for the San Jose area, some of which I use regularly myself to find new places (,,,, etc). I will undoubtedly be posting my reviews of these other sites here as well (hint: some are kickass, some just a waste of oxygen).

My main goal is to help others find new and fun places to eat out in the San Jose / San Francisco Bay Area. Although I am based in San Jose and primarily dine out in the South Bay vicinity, I venture out from time to time searching for good eats. I strongly encourage anyone visiting here to leave comments, whether they are positive, negative, blasphemous, or whatever.

Like many other (hopefully) working San Jose residents, I eat out mostly on or near the weekends, for special events, and out of necessity (no food left at home and too lazy cook!). From this day forward, I vow to document each and every eating establishment I visit, and offer as much useful information I can.

Cheers and happy dining!

-Tom W. Tell

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