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Monday, February 9, 2009

Regular Dining Spots - La Milpa

Milpitas is a great place, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Sure, it has traffic, no real night life, and that God-awful smell at certain times of the year, but honestly, what City doesn't? As a former resident of this small town nestled snuggly in between San Jose and Fremont, I can say I have tried most eateries in the area. La Milpa is known to locals mostly, and is frequently by families and......well, mostly just families who want to get together. Just like most small town mom-and-pop restaurants, you wont find their website, they don't really advertise, and no one outside the immediate vicinity knows about it. But that is what makes it special for those who do...

Milpitians (yes, thats people from Milpitas) have pride in their community and do their best to keep an identity seperate from San Jose. And what a perfect way to do it but to keep their secret mexican food heaven to themselves. There was an article in the Metro a while back, praising Milpitas's diverse selection of food types, from Ethiopian to Mexican to Indian and everything in between. And although I agree with that statement, diversity for diversity's sake is not enough. As I stated earlier, I have tried most dining spots in Milpitas, and honeslty, most are not that good, even those that typically are (El Torrito, Red Lobster; please avoid the branches in Milpitas) In future postings, I will no doubt address other great eating establishments in Milpitas, but enough already, lets talk about La Milpa!
-Tom W. Tell

Great authentic Mexican food and friendly prompt service at a good price is all you get at La Milpa, and what else can one ask for? There is rarely a wait, unless you go during peak lunch or dinner hours, even then it is never more than a few minutes. The place is very bright, the tables/chairs are not very special, and the decor is unique and fun to look at, but will not distract you from your main purpose of the visit. I am a gringo, so I usually order a 'Small Combination' place and pick a standard enchilada, taco, burrito, taquitos, or tostada mix. Everything is good, so don't worry about getting something you wont eat. I don't like to overeat, but you can't help it here! Whatever space is left on your plate around your main selection is filled in with beans, rice, and salad; and it is all good. They don't have fancy drinks or great appetizers, but again, it helps you keep your focus on what is important - your main dish. I always leave full and satisfied, and sometimes have some left over to take home to have the next day. If you are on some type of diet thing, they have a few options for you, but I just don't think its right. If you really want to watch what you eat, stay home and cook for yourself- Please enjoy what La Milpa has to offer.

Two people can get out of their for under around $25. There is plenty of parking, not hard to find, and is completly unassuming, exaclty the way Milpitians like it. Just google La Milpa Milpitas for directions, you'll be glad you did.
-Tom W. Tell

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